NPPF Grant Winners

NPPF offers three competitive grant programs for photojournalists seeking support for extended projects.

Bob & Millie Lynn Grant

In 2020, Bob Lynn created a $4,000 grant that will be offered for ten years beginning 2020. Professional and student photojournalists may apply for the grant to aid in creating significant projects that make a difference.

“Our profession has a long history of helping to make a difference,” said Bob Lynn. “Some images were taken in dramatic situations — Eddie Adams, street execution, Nick Ut, the naked child running from War, Vietnam; Charles Moore, Civil Rights protest, dog attack, Birmingham.”

“But others made a difference in more obscure settings — Dorthea Lange, Migrant Mother, California; Eugene Smith, toxic shellfish, Minamata, Japan; Donna Ferrato, domestic violence in America.” Lynn created the grant to encourage photojournalists to do stories that expose the sad underbelly of American society — locally or nationally. Stories never told through photographs and words that hopefully will make a difference.

Alan Hagman Grant

Beginning in 2020, a $5,000 grant will be offered annually to a photojournalist to facilitate a project on topics ranging from human rights to environmental issues.  The grant will support work on important stories that might otherwise go untold.

The grant is open to photojournalists and photojournalism students who are U.S. residents.

The Hagman grant is named for the late Los Angeles Times photo editor who served as a mentor and championed the work of photojournalists throughout his career.

Michel du Cille Grant

The National Press Photographers Foundation (NPPF) is pleased to provide a $15,000 annual fellowship to honor the memory of Michel du Cille, a dedicated photojournalist who died in 2014 while covering the Ebola crisis in Liberia. Our goal is to encourage photojournalists to cover topics of great importance in today’s changing world.

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