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Support the work of photojournalists around the world who play a critical role in the free flow of visual information in a healthy Democracy. 

Every day, journalists risk their health and safety while facing  harassment, imprisonment, online death threats and real world physical violence — attempts to silence them for speaking and holding truth to power. Freedom of the Press is at risk. Democracy around the world is at stake.

As questionable visual media proliferates, we need the work of professional and ethical visual journalists now more than ever. Help sustain top-notch, verified reporting with compelling visuals to promote equity for all.

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Thank you to the whole NPPF team. Your support to me and many other students means so much to us starting out our careers.

— Vincent Alban

Vincent Alban

Receiving the Bob and Millie Lynn Grant will help me take care of many of the expenses that are inherent when working on a personal project. This generous grant will enable me to complete the photographing for the Miami chapter of SHOT: We the Mothers. Thank you for your support!

— Kathy Shorr

Kathy Shorr

NPPF is very important to photojournalism students in undergrad and graduate programs. The scholarship opportunities have helped me through my college career and will continue to help inspiring college students in the future.

— Michael Blackshire

Michael Blackshire portrait

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NPPF is a 501 (c) (3) organization and contributions are tax deductible.
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