NPPA Legal Advocacy and Education

Mickey H. Osterreicher, General Counsel for the National Press Photographers Association, testifies before the U.S. House Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet Subcommittee during a hearing on “Judicial Transparency and Ethics.” Photo by John Shinkle, POLITICO

The NPPA is an active advocate for the legal rights of visual journalists. Our work includes issues connected to First Amendment access, drone regulations, unlawful assault on visual journalists and cases that affect the ability to record events and issues of public interest. Our work benefits not only individuals but the public at large.

The National Press Photographers Association is dedicated to the advancement of visual journalism, its creation, practice, training, editing and distribution, in all news media and works to promote its role as a vital public service.

The objects and purposes of the NPPA are to advance visual journalism in all its forms:

  • Encourage visual journalists to reflect high standards of quality in their professional performance and their code of ethics. NPPA strives to create, promote and maintain a high spirit of community and a high standard of conduct among its members
  • Oppose violations and infringements of the rights of visual journalists or their organizations. It strives to promote a better understanding of visual journalists’ problems.
  • Support legislation favorable to, and opposes legislation unfavorable or prejudicial to visual journalists. It shall work to maintain freedom of the press in all its forms and to execute the Constitutional rights of journalists.
  • Cooperate with recognized local visual journalism associations consistent with the aims and objectives of NPPA.
  • Provide educational opportunities for those involved in all forms of visual journalism.
  • Commit to reflecting diversity in all of NPPA’s activities.

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Donors who have made contributions to the NPPA Legal Advocacy and Education fund.

Ray Acevedo
Ronaldo Adriano
Freelance NPPA Member
Ronaldo Adriano
Freelance NPPA Member
Sonny Albarado
Arkansas Pro Chapter, Society of Professional Journalists
John Anglim
16X9 Pictures, LLC- Freelance Photojournalist
Kris Arciaga
Anna & Cody Bahn
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press & Photojournalist
Louis Balicki
Freelance Photographer
Engin Beri
Beverly M. Bethune
Retired University of Georgia journalism professor
Anthony Bianchi
James Brown
IU School of Journalism, IUPUI and NPPF
Jennifer Brown
Robert Byrd
UGA and AP alumni
Morgan Chesky
Cindi Christie
Peter Churton
Steve Cimino
Sherry Clouser
University of Georgia
Joshua Cobb
The Examiner
Ronald Coooper
Retired journalist
Ronald Cooper
James Cruz-Youll
BGSU Alum supporting NPPA in eternal gratitude to James R. Gordon
Cathleen Cryan Broderick
In memory of Jack Cryan, former PJ and NPPA member
David Cuillier
Director, University of Arizona School of Journalism
Christine Daues
Former Broadcast Journalist
Cameron Davidson
NPPA member
Charles Davis
Grady College, The University of Georgia
Charles Davis
Grady College, University of Georgia
Alanna Delfino
Alanna Delfino
Michael Delli Carpini
Annenberg School for Communication
Thomas Denny
Freelance NPPA member
Mark Dolan
jim dov
Gordon Eaton IV
Freelance NPPA Member
Sean Elliot
The Day Publishing Co.
Patrick Fallon
Freelance Photographer
Jenn Finch
Grady College, University of Georgia, Alumni
Joseph Finnerty
Carl Fleischhauer
Frank Folwell
Gary Forman
Jonathan Foster
Barbara Fought
Syracuse University
David Freedman
Retired journalist
Nicolas Galindo
Unemployed NPPA Member
Jed Gamber
Robert George
Paul Gessler
Proud NPPA Member
Joseph Gidjunis
Veracity Studios
Lincoln Graves
Dan Grohl
Carolyn Hall
Former Photojournalist, Independent Storyteller
Carolyn Hall-Jensen
Adrian Hancu
NPPA member
Gary Heller
Historic Rescue Photography
Mark Hertzberg
Newspaper buyout
Brian Horton
Bob Houghton
Georgia Association of Broadcasters
Elisa Jaffe
Scott Jensen
Mark Johnson
Grady College, University of Georgia
Nicholas Johnson
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson
Justin Stewart Justin Stewart
University of Kansas
William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications.
Ed Kashi
Bruce Keilin
Diane Kennedy
NY News Publishers Assn
David Kennerly
Irfan Khan
Los Angeles Times
yunghi kim
Yunghi Kim
Yunghi Kim
Michelle and Kim Knight
Sue Kopen Katcef
Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland
Staci D Kramer
Young Kwak
Jason Lamb
Artfully Insane
Jacob Langston
Jacob M. Langston Photography, Freelance Photographer/Videographer
David Lautenberger
Defender of the 1st Amendment
Derek Li
Syracuse University
Theodore Lieverman
Harry Lim
Freelance Photographer
Bruce Lipsky
Thomas Loebig
Scott Mackie
Lisa Martin
In memory of Stuart Smith
AJ Mast
Thomas Mathew
The Troof
Tony Mauro
National Law Journal
Thomas McCudden
Ted McDonnell
SIPA Press
Marcia Meier
Weeping Willow Books
Alex Menendez
Instinct Films
Joseph Meyerson
Garrett Miles
Ron Miller
Robert Mitchell
M Scott Moon
Kenaitze Indian Tribe
M. Scott Moon
Kenaitze Indian Tribe
Mike Morones
The Free Lance-Star
Judy Moursund
Allen Murabayashi
Brian O’Shea
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Cox Media Group
David Oates
University of Florida
College of Journalism and Communications
Helen Okobokekeimei
Aspiring Multi-Media Journalist (MMJ) / News Reporter
Hannah Olsen
David Oppenheimer
Performance Impressions LLC
Ron Page
Post-Crescent USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin
Laurie Pattin Glasson
Robert Pearson
Bob Pearson Photography
Suzanne Phan
Komo News
David K Purdy
Neil Ralston
Lindenwood University
Jesus Ramirez
James Rast
Mark Rast Photography
Genevieve Reaume
Alex Remnick
Retro Report
Guy Reynolds
The Dallas Morning News
Teresa Ricchio
Scott Ripley
University Of New Hampshire
Ethan Rocke
Ethan Rocke Media
John Rudoff
Freelance Photojournalist
John Rudoff
Freelance Photojournalist
Allan Schear
Montgomery County Community College
Katharine Schoolov
Katharine Schoolov
Kevin Schultz
Greg Screws
Andrew Seaman
William Shea
Maureen Sheeran
Grady College, University of Georgia, alumni
Molly Shen
Minla Shields
Seth Siditsky
Advance Local
Brett Simison
Freelance NPPA Member
Travis Smith
Hop Studios
James Soderquist
Bob Soltys
Lew Stamp
Lew Stamp Photography LLC
Andrew Stanfill
The New York Times
Spencer Stephens
Spencer Stephens Photography
Daxton Stewart
TCU journalism dept
Todd Stricker
Steve Sweitzer
Sweitzer Productions
Brady Teufel
Connie Thompson
Angelica Thornton
Judith Trest
Jane Ullah
Omid vahabzadeh
king van
mark van
mark van
Karen Van Vleck
Stephen Voss
Stephen Voss Photography
Keely Walker
Lilian Wang
Trevor Warren
Nathan Weber
Vellum Media Chicago
George Wedding
Karen Weinstein
Nicholas Whitaker
Nicholas Whitaker
Training and Development Manager Google News Lab
DeWayne Wickham
Morgan State University
Kemi Williams
Nathan Wilson
Bryan Woolston
Bryan Woolston. Photojournalist, LLC
Robert Yingling
Former Photojournalist