The Bob & Millie Lynn Grant

Applications will be accepted till November 30, 2023, 11:59 p.m. EDT

The Bob & Millie Lynn Grant is open to residents of the United States.

Making a difference

Bob Lynn created this grant to encourage photojournalists to pursue stories that expose the side of American society that tends to be under-covered and ignored. The $4,000 Bob Lynn Grant is awarded annually to a photojournalist to aid in creating and executing a significant project that will shed light on important social issues. Lynn’s strong belief is that “our profession has a long history of helping to make a difference.”

To enter, here is what is required:

A project summary (100 words or less)
A Statement of Purpose (750 words maximum).
A working headline for your proposal, boil it down to the basics.
A proposed timeline for the project, including how you expect to use the grant.
Résumé: A concise résumé highlighting the depth of your experience, the quality of your work and your commitment to completing a project
of consequence.
Three References: Names, email addresses, phone numbers and a brief statement describing your relationship with the references.
Portfolio: Single pictures or picture stories or videos that illustrate your ability. Please click to read the image preparation requirements.
Links to your website, to published projects or to a listing of books or shows produced may be included.

Please read Terms and Conditions and proceed to the entry instructions



Bob and Millie Lynn