Applications are now closed and will reopen in January 2021

Purpose of the Bob Lynn Grant

A $4,000 grant will be offered for ten years beginning in 2020. Professional and student photojournalist may apply for the grant to aid in creating significant projects that make a difference.

“Our profession has a long history of helping to make a difference,” said Bob Lynn.

“Some images were taken in dramatic situations — Eddie Adams, street execution, Nick Ut, naked child running from War, Vietnam; Charles Moore, Civil Rights protest, dog attack, Birmingham.”

“But others made a difference in more obscure settings — Dorthea Lange, Migrant Mother, California; Eugene Smith, toxic shellfish, Minamata, Japan; Donna Ferrato, domestic violence in America.”

Making a Difference

I have created this grant to encourage photojournalists to do stories that expose the sad underbelly in American society — locally or nationally. Stories never told through photographs and words that hopefully will make a difference.

Content Preparation

Other than personal contact information there are two open-ended questions that you may prepare in advance of entering the online portfolio system. One is description of the project you will make should you be awarded the grant (maximum of two pages). Your project description is very important. The other is your professional accomplishments and resume.

You may copy and paste into these two fields from documents you may already have written in other software.

Image Preparation 

Captions in all still photographs are required.

Please review image preparation requirements before uploading still images to our online judging system. It is very important the images be downsampled to 2,500 px in the longest dimension and be in jpg format. All still images must have captions.

How many items?

Your portfolio should show your storytelling ability.

A portfolio may consist of any combination of a Singles category, Picture Stories and Multimedia video links. How you use those categories is flexible. There is only one possible Singles category. There is a maximum of ten entries in your portfolio. You may use any combination of the categories.

Your portfolio does not have to use all three categories. The Singles category and each defined Picture Story may have up to 20 images. Video entries are links that go directly to videos preferably on YouTube or Vimeo. Judges do not want to have to go through ads on a news website to get to your video.

The Singles category, each Picture Story and each Video count toward the maximum of ten items in your portfolio.

Online Portfolio System Interface

If you wish to become familiar with the online portfolio sytem, you may step through some annotated screen snaps here.

Student Scholarships

If you are a student, you may wish to be considered for a student scholarship. Application information is here.

Use Permission

The NPPF website is an educational resource for students and professionals. Your entry gives NPPF permission to use elements of your portfolio on our website in in our social media to promote our scholarships and grants. You retain copyright to your work.

Link to NPPF Online Portfolio System

Applications are closed until 2021.