The Bob & Millie Lynn Grant

Terms and Conditions

Deadline: November 30, 2023 11:59 p.m. EDT



  • The Bob & Millie Lynn Grant is open to professional photojournalists or students who are current residents of the United States.
  • Staff photographers are eligible but must arrange time off from their employer to complete the project.


  • The recipient will do their best to adhere to the project timeline and communicate their progress with NPPF’s coordinator monthly. The project is expected to be completed within one year of the grant agreement.
  • Upon conclusion of the project, The Bob & Millie Lynn Grant recipient will submit to NPPF sufficient high-resolution images with comprehensive captions to document the grant. A high-resolution copy must be submitted if the project results in a video.
  • A written document outlining work on the grant is required.

Intellectual property

  • Materials and ideas submitted are confidential and will be used only for judging purposes with the exception of the winning entry.
  • The recipient retains the ownership and copyright of the final product. Any monies generated by this project shall be retained by the recipient.
  • The recipient grants NPPF the right to use their name, likeness, biographical information, submitted images and/or videos from the application and project images on NPPF’s website, in any social media publicizing NPPF programs and publications of the work relating to the grant without additional compensation, fees or charges.
  • The recipient also grants NPPF its licensees, affiliates and their designees an irrevocable, non-exclusive, perpetual royalty-free license to use elements of their project (or the project in its entirety) on NPPF's website, on social media and as promotional materials to fundraise and promote our scholarships and grants. The recipient also hereby grants NPPF the right to make your project (or any and all elements thereof) available for educational purposes, including to colleges and universities of NPPF’s choosing.


  • The recipient understands that they must adhere to the highest professional, ethical and personal standards for visual journalists. At its sole discretion, violations of these standards will result in withdrawal of the Fellowship and funding by NPPF.
  • An entry may not contain images that have been manipulated digitally in violation of generally accepted professional photojournalistic standards. Photographers should review and adhere to the National Press Photographers Association's code of ethics concerning image manipulation.
  • NPPF, in its sole discretion, retains the right to disqualify any entry found to include manipulated images or situations.
  • NPPF, in its sole discretion, may exercise its right to rescind the entire award amount if the grantee is found to have manipulated images beyond what is professionally accepted, as noted in the NPPA Code of Ethics.


  • All taxes and expenses are the responsibility of the recipient of The Bob & Millie Lynn Grant. The recipient must provide a U.S. Taxpayer Identification number upon acceptance of the grant.
  • NPPF will pay $4,000 upon award of The Bob & Millie Lynn Grant.