Mark Edelson, nine-time recipient of the prestigious Newspaper Picture Editor of the Year award, passed away on April 23, 2015.

In lieu of flowers, Mark’s family has asked donations be made to the newly established Mark J. Edelson Picture Editing Scholarship administered through the National Press Photographers Foundation.

Recipients of the scholarship/fund receive $1,500 aid in attending The Kalish, a visual editing workshop in which Mark was a cornerstone faculty member for 20 years.

As Multimedia Director at the Palm Beach Post, Mark and his staff earned hundreds of awards in the Best of Photojournalism, Pictures of the Year International, Society for News Design and Best Use of Photography contests. True to form, Mark always felt it was his good fortune and opportunity to work closely with — both learn from and guide — nine regional photographers of the year and derived as much knowledge and inspiration as any of the students during the numerous workshops and seminars during his career.

Mark Edelson. Photo by Damon Higgins.

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The following people have made gifts in memory of Mark:

Silvia Andrade
Cox Media Group/Palm Beach Post
Meg White and Peter Andreasian
Andreasian Prop. Mgmt. Corp.
Karen Asman
David Barreda
Shannon Barrett
Helen’s Genzyme USMA Family
Melanie Bell
Palm Beach Daily News/Cox Media
Judith Benkendorf
Special friend of Helen Travers (Mark’s wife) on a very special birthday.
Joanne and Bert Benkendorf/Marks
Judith & Norman Benkendorf/Marks
Bruce Bennett
The Palm Beach Post
Roger and Marcia Beutner
Paul Blythe
The Palm Beach Post
Lawrence Boni
Ellen and Jon Bortz
Little Sister
Carrie & David Brodsky
Jim & Becky Brown
Sandra Brusca
Mark Buzek
Forever my friend
Joseph Capozzi
The Palm Beach Post
Michael Carlebach
University of Miami
Sarah Cho
Howard Cohen
Susan and Howard Cohen
Yvonne Colton
Cheryl & Jack Conser
Dan Coounihan
Thomas Cordy
The Palm Beach Post
Caroline Couig
Palm Beach Post photography alum
Randy Cox
personal donation from my wife, Joan carlin, and me
James Crenshaw
Linda Dagen
Bob Davis
Wall Street Journal
Valerie Dennis
Adolfo Diaz
Nicole Diez
Friend of Mark and family
Scott Dolsey
Shannon Donnelly
Palm Beach Daily News
Diane Berman & Walter  Dorfman
Daniela Dornic Jones
Laurence Dubey
Craig Duff
Northwestern University/Medill School
Hayden Edelson
Mark’s nephew
Ira and Fran Edelson
Parents of Mark
Marisa Edelson
Mark’s neice
Ron Edelson
Zimmerman/Edelson Inc
Zimmerman Edelson Inc.
Zimmerman/Edelson Inc
Diane Elalouf
Joel Engelhardt
The Palm Beach Post
Allen and Beth Eyestone
The Palm Beach Post
Cecilia Fairley
Patrick Farrell
Miami Herald
Vincent &Janet Ferravanti
Friends of Family
Thomas Fisher
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
Frank Folwell
Vaughn’s Best Friends Forever
Robert and Mary Fortuna
Michelle and Steve Fox
Marty Fradis
Lou Ann Frala
The Palm Beach Post
Leslie Frank
Glenn Freedman
Debra Friedman
family of Ellen and Jon Bortz
Sheryl Friedman
Robyn and Mark Futrovsky
Nina and David Gant
Beth Gelfman
Beth and Jay Gelfman
Aurora Gil
Jay Godwin
Andrew Goldstein
Goodman Gable Gould Adjusters International
Bernard Greenbaum
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Greenbaum
Jacquie Greenbaum
karen greenberg
Deena Gross
Annette Guarrasi
Ross Hallen
Friend for Life
Becky Hanger
The New York Times (& Palm Beach Post alumna)
Adam Hirshfield
lee horwitz
Lifelong Friend
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust
Judy Hull
Eustacio Humphrey
Ozy Media (& Palm Beach Post alumnus)
Sarah Iden
Joe Jaszewski
Gayle & Yale Kaplan
Ellen Keifetz
Friend of Ellen Bortz
Elyse KLein Targ
Patricia Kornblatt
Shirley Krueger
Dawn Laney
Emory University
Abbie & Richard Laskey
Big sister of the Rothstein Twins
Susan Lazarus
Robert Lebowitz
Bob and Helen Lebowitz Parents of Becky Lebowitz Hanger
Jennifer Lehtola
The Palm Beach Post
Thomas Levinson
NY Daily News
Debra Levy
Diana Lewis
Susan & Pete Liebeskind
friends of Ellen
Julie Littman
Xin Liu
Bob and Millie Lynn
The Kalish
Elizabeth Malkin
Nelza Martins
Sandy Mayerson
Bortz Family
Gigi McMillin
Max McWhorter
Bruce and Debbie Mendelsohn
James Michalowski
Michalowski Multimedia
Eric Weiss & Michelle Licudine
Palm Beach Post alumni
Jorge Milian
Palm Beach Post
Mark Mirko
The Hartford Courant
Jenny and Tomas Moreno
Sue Morrow
The Kalish
Nick Moschella
The Palm Beach Post
Patrick Murphy-Racey
Palm Beach Post Photo Alumnus
Jane Musgrave
Sandra Nortunen
The Palm Beach Post
Joyce Oberdorf
Rochelle Ochfeld
Shane Palmer
Danica Parker
Deb Pastner
Star Tribune
Mary Peckiconis
Barbara & Bob Phillips
Julie Platt
Jennifer Podis
The Palm Beach Post
Michelle Quigley
The Palm Beach Post
Sheah Rarback
Joyce Reingold
Laurie Riemer
Linda Riezinger
Jared Rok
Cynthia Rosel Rivera
Jody Rosenblum
Alan Rothstein
One of the boys
Christopher Rukan
The Washington Post
Amelia Saletan
Allison Sarson
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Paula Sayag
Temple Beth Ami
Peter Schmidt
Kayla Sheets
Cheryl Shuman
Jennyfer Simpson
Shannon O’Brien & David Spencer owner/curator
Brett Spielberg
Howard and Leslie Stein
Robin and Glenn Streidel
Mark Edelson
Will Sullivan
Former Palm Beach Post colleague
Darry Swartz
For The Third
Maggie Taft
Parent Committee – Temple Beth Ami Nursery School
Temple Beth Ami
Helen Travers
Mark’s wife, Helen, & children, Vaughn & Peter
Jerry Bertiger and Nancy Travers
Mercedes Travers
Mark’s mother-in-law
Tracie Villoldo
Jim Virga
University of Miami
Robert Wachter
Jack Walker
Neal Weinreb
University Research Foundation for Lysosomal Storage Diseases Inc
Barry & Ethel Weintraub
Barry & Ethel Weintraub
Marilyn & Jerome Weiss
Ana and Steve Weissman
Andie Weisz
Stephanie Welsh
Catherine Whitlock
Margie Yansura
Wordsmith Communications