Srijita Chattopadhyay

Srijita Chattopadhyay, a graduate student from Ohio University, won the Kit King Scholarship.


I started in the field of photojournalism nearly six years back in the classrooms of Western Kentucky University, completely oblivious of where it might take me. Through the knowledge gained in classrooms and Mountain Workshops, I have had the opportunity to intern at San Antonio Express-News, Hartford Courant, and The Naples Daily News. My photo and multimedia stories have been recognized at the Hearst Journalism Awards multiple times and received awards from the Kentucky News Photographers Association and the Society of Professional Journalism. Furthermore, I consider myself blessed to have received a full-ride scholarship to attend Mountain Workshops in 2016 and 2017 and a full ride to Momenta Workshops in 2019. Lastly, I was awarded the Chris Hondros Scholarship this year, which was a huge honor.


Career Goals

When it comes to my goals, they are simple; I want to help people and share their stories. Unfortunately, due to a recent medical diagnosis, I was advised to step away from my dream of being a newspaper photographer but I intend to continue my journey in the photo world by working with Non-Profit Agencies to promote their goals and develop programs that benefit the community. And that is why I am applying for this scholarship, to seek support as I pivot and embrace my new journey in the photo industry.


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What happens when you do not love the body you are born with? Your choices are to either live an unhappy life or to end it all. Aiden Michael Burnam made the choice to live and it made all the difference.

Project role: I produced and edited this piece.


As humans, we come into this world hoping to feel loved and find a place where we belong. But, not everyone is born into it.
Journey with Brandon as he searches for his sanctuary.

Project role: I produced and edited this piece.