2014 Ana Maria Rico

Ana_Maria_Rico-300Ana Maria Rico, Nassau Community College, is the winner of the NPPF TV News Scholarship.

Rico is currently a Freelance Photographer for Newsday Newspaper in New York.

Career Goals

“My goal is to make a living traveling, taking photos, making documentaries. Telling the stories of those who don’t have a voice. I want to shoot compelling photos that enhance news stories. My ultimate goal is to create evocative images which not only inform but sparks desire to become involved with society’s every day struggle.”

All images in this portfolio are copyright Ana Maria Rico and are used here by permission. No picture may be used elsewhere without her permission.



Single pictures not part of a story.


Screen-Shot-2014-02-27-at-12.10.32-AMLong Beach Life After Hurricane Sandy

I was videographer, editor and photographer.



Screen-Shot-2014-03-01-at-1.33.11-PMThomas Suozzi attends Seaford Rally

I was the Videographer.