Nicole Boliaux, undergraduate student at Western Kentucky University, is the winner of the Reid Blackburn Scholarship.


  • Deseret News // Photo/Video Intern, January 2017 — May 2017
  • NPR Music // Video Intern, September 2016 — December 2016
  • Tulsa World // Photo Intern, May 2016 — August 2016

Inland Photo Awards
3rd Place, Feature/Entertainment
Multimedia Story of the Year Award

2nd Place, Photo Slideshow
Kentucky News Photographers Association

3rd Place, Feature
Kentucky News Photographers Association

2rd Place, Illustration

Career Goals
I dream of creating my own production company/media group making branded video and feature length documentaries. To achieve this dream I have taught myself video, traveled to Denmark to learn new styles of storytelling, and created contacts in the video industry.


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Love Thy Neighbor

At the age of 23, Henrik Dahlin has formed conservative views on important issues affecting his country. While the number of refugees and immigrants in Denmark grows during the refugee crisis, the attitudes towards immigration have become more negative. According to Eurobarometer, a record number of people in Nordic countries like Sweden and Denmark see immigration as one of the two most important issues today.

Project role: Videographer, producer and editor


Grace Weber, 69, of San Francisco first moved to Tulsa, Ok when she was 4-years old. At the age of 17 she found out she was pregnant and decided she needed an abortion. She was blindfolded, driven in a van about two hours away and put under an unknown sedative. When she woke up after the illegal abortion she went back home, finished business school and never regretted it. “I think to me more than anything it is the fact that you should have the right to make a choice,” Weber said. “It is still a very personal issue no matter what you decide to do.”

Project role: Videographer, producer and editor


Josh Butts served in Ramadi, Iraq, as a chaplain’s assistant. Upon returning to the United States, he dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts. Out of his own experiences he created a support group called Rock of Ramadi, which provides suicide prevention help for other veterans.

Project role: Videographer, producer and editor

Unbridled Spirit

Throughout the last 15 years, Elizabeth Roberts, 19, has used horseback riding to deal with her Cerebral Palsy. In order to overcome the hardships in her life, Roberts focuses on become an inspiration to others.

Project role: Videographer, producer and editor