Privacy Policy

The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and the National Press Photographers Foundation (NPPF) are committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our website, as well as our members and volunteers. In this policy, “we,” refers to NPPA and NPPF, and the staff, board members, and volunteers of both organizations.

This Privacy Notice describes the types of personal information we collect on, how we may use that information, and with whom we may share it. Our Privacy Notice also describes the measures we take to protect the security of the information.

Information collected

You may choose to provide information to us via this website for the purpose of participating in our programs. Contact information collected through our website is used in connection with the purpose for which it was submitted (for example, to answer a question, or to inform you of upcoming deadlines or to contact you about your application).

In addition, we periodically may contact you by email to keep you informed about our activities. By listing your contact information, you accept that you may be contacted you as a result of your submission or listing.

We may also use the information we collect to customize our contacts with you and to do other internal analyses, such as market research, that will allow us to better meet the needs of our members, donors and the community we serve. We may publicly state anonymized data about applicants.

When you visit our website, your browser automatically sends us certain Internet-related information, such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer you’re using, as well as what browser version you are using.

We also collect certain information about our website visitors, such as how many users visited our site, the date and time of visit to our site, the time spent on the site, the pages viewed, and referring websites. By collecting this information, we learn how to better tailor our website to our visitors. While we examine such information only in the aggregate, such information could potentially be linked back to your individual IP address.

We also use cookies on our site to allow users to access the members-only sections and the store. Cookies are small text files that websites often store on the computer hard drives of visitors. The cookie contains a unique code, which is used to confirm that you are logged in. We do not track cookies beyond the current browser session, so you can disable stored cookies without causing any problems.

If you have additional concerns about being tracked, most browsers allow you to block cookies altogether. Remember, though, that cookies are used to keep you logged in, so if you disable all cookies, you will probably not be able to access the members-only content on the NPPA website without logging back in.

Public Information

Some information on the site is viewable by any visitor to the site. This follows from the functionality of these areas: As a donor to NPPF, you might have the option when you donate to make the donation anonymous, or to have your donation recognized. If you choose for your donation to be public, your name may appear, but not the amount. We are not required to post your name, however, if you are not listed and you believe this is an error, or if your name is listed and you want it removed, please contact Frank Folwell,

In addition, contact information for staff members, officers, event chairs, and committee members are listed on the appropriate pages, so that members and attendees can reach them with questions. Volunteers and officers choose what information they want to have listed, but they must be reachable.

Event and Program Information

Information about participants in NPPA and NPPF events and programs may be provided to the relevant program committees, for administrative purposes.

Private Information

All other information you may provide is considered private and will not be shared, except as required by law.

If you live in a country subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to request a copy of the information held about you and to request deletion of the information, or correction of any information that is not accurate. You hereby release NPPF and NPPA, their assignees, licensees and associates from liability based on the processing, transfer and use of data related to you. You further agree that while this consent is intended to comply with GDPR, it shall be governed by the laws of Athens, Georgia, USA, and is binding on your heirs and legal representatives. Questions about this consent, or the way your information is being used, should be directed to Frank Folwell,

We use administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect information in our possession and control against foreseeable hazards. Please note, however, that perfect security does not exist on the Internet.

By submitting your email information to NPPF and NPPA, you consent to receive mailings from NPPF or NPPA, but you  may opt-out of such mailings if you choose.

In all cases, you have the option of not participating in these activities, and thus not providing that information.

We may change or update portions of this Privacy Notice at any time and without prior notice to you. Please monitor this link to stay current with any changes or updates to the Notice. We will indicate the effective date of the Notice at the top of the page.