Online Image Preparation

Image Preparation – Photoshop, Lightroom or PhotoMechanic are recommended

The following IPTC fields are required:

  • DOCUMENT TITLE is the image title.
  • AUTHOR is the photographer’s name. 
  • DESCRIPTION is the caption.
  • CAPTURE DATE verify that this field is correct. 
  • COPYRIGHT name of publication or copyright holder (if applicable).

For picture stories, name the files as follows: sequence number, underscore, your last name, underscorefirst name, underscore, keyword/slug for the story (abbreviated name of the story).

For example:

For unrelated single photographs, name the files with your last name, underscore, first name, keyword/slug for the photograph (word describing photo).

For example:
Brown_James_cub scouts.jpg

 Image File Specifications

  • Submitted images must be JPEG files. Compression level between 9 -11.
  • Preferred color space: 8 Bit Adobe RGB, sRGB is acceptable.
  • Image size:  2,500 px on the longest side. This is important. Images that are larger or smaller than 2,500 px on the longest dimension will be rejected. 
  • Do not upsize or interpolate your submissions.


  • All photographs must be captioned in the IPTC Description field.
  • Captions may be added or edited after uploading to NPPF’s portfolio system. 

Lightroom Classic – Resample images to 2500 pixels

Video instructions below, text – right column.

This 3:21 minute video shows how to downsample images in Lightroom Classic.

Photoshop – Resample images to 2,500 pixels

This 4:31 minute video shows how to downsample multiple images at the same time.

Link to PDF – Resampling images for NPPF

Resample images in Photoshop or Lightroom 

Photoshop – Resample Images to 2500 pixels

  • Open image


  • Change RESOLUTION to Pixel/inch, Make sure width and height are INCHES
  • Enter 10 in the longest dimension
  • Enter 250 in Pixels/inch
  • Click OK

Save as: 

  • Name file (see naming requirements)


  • jpeg QUALITY 9
  • Click OK

Lightroom Classic – Resample Images to 2500 Pixels

  • Select image
  • File/Export

File Naming

  • Name file (see naming requirements)

File Settings

  • Image format: JPEG
  • Quality: 90
  • Color space: Adobe RGB or sRGB

Image Sizing

  • Resize to fit: Long edge
  • 2500 pixels
  • Resolution: 250 pixels per inch
  • Export