Online Portfolio Image Preparation

Image Preparation — Use of Photoshop, Lightroom or PhotoMechanic recommended

The following IPTC fields are required:

  • DOCUMENT TITLE is the image title.
  • AUTHOR is the photographer’s name. creator
  • DESCRIPTION is the caption.
  • CAPTURE DATE verify that this field is correct. 
  • COPYRIGHT name of publication or copyright holder (if applicable).


For picture stories, name the files with the sequence number first, underscore, your last name, underscore, your first name, underscore, slug for the story (abbreviated name of the story).

For example:

For other still photographs, name the files with your last name, underscore, your first name, slug for the photograph (word describing photo). This method would be used for the Singles category of unrelated photographs.

For example:
Brown_James_cub scouts.jpg

 Image File Specifications

  • Submitted images must be JPEG files. Compression level between 9 -11.
  • Preferred color space: 8 Bit Adobe RGB, sRGB is acceptable.
  • Image size:  2,500 px on the longest side. This is important. Images that are larger or smaller than 2,500 px on the longest dimension will be rejected. 
  • Do not upsize or interpolate your submissions.

All photographs must be captioned in the IPTC Description field.

When your photographs are uploaded to our portfolio system, the captions may be edited there.