NPPA/NPPF COVID 19 Relief Fund Application

Deadline noon EDT, April 25

General Instructions

  • Move through the fields by clicking in a field or by using Tab (forward) or Shift/Tab (backward).
  • You may copy and paste from another document into text fields.
  • You may use the Return/Enter key in a writing field for a new paragraph. In some cases outside of a writing field Return/Enter believes you are pressing the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. If there are incomplete required fields, they will turn red and wait to be filled out. When you do hit the “Submit” key the red will disappear.
  • If you are uploading files for supporting documents, be patient. Internet speeds may be slow.

Appications for COVID-19 relief are now closed.

NPPA and NPPF want to thank the SONY Corporation and the more than 200 individual donors who made this COVID-19 Relief Fund possible.