NPPA/NPPF COVID 19 Relief Fund Application

Deadline: Noon EDT, Sunday, April 25

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NPPA COVID-19 Relief Application


You must meet the requirements listed and fill out all required fields in order to submit a request to the NPPA’s Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

Please affirm that you all meet the criteria listed *

Contact Information

Use the same name, address and email as your NPPA membership.

Address *

Please provide the email address and phone number you are most comfortable communicating on.

Alternate method of communication ( Please list any alternative method of communication that you prefer - you may list a Skype handle, WhatsApp or Signal number, or alternate email address.

About Your Work

Please describe how long you have been a journalist and where. Please indicate the names of the press organizations you have worked for and how long you have worked for them. (Limit: 500 words)

Your Needs

Please be precise in your request for assistance from the NPPA (Limit: 600 words)
Please include amount of support in USD.

Supporting Documentation (optional)

Providing detailed information can help the NPPA expedite the verification process. For example, this could include an email from an editor cancelling assignment, etc. Select up to two files and/or two video links to upload.

Supporting File 1

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

pdf, jpg, jpeg, jpe, pmg, tiff, tif, txt, wav, ogg, oga, wma, rtf, doc, docx
Supporting File 2

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

pdf, jpg, jpeg, jpe, pmg, tiff, tif, txt, wav, ogg, oga, wma, rtf, doc, docx
This link should take the viewer directly to the video.
This link should take the viewer directly to the video.


Please provide name, relationship, phone number and email address of two professional references.
They could be editors, journalists, or other journalism professionals you have worked with.

NPPA will contact your references if needed.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Privacy of Data

By submitting this application, you agree and understand that not all applicants are entitled to receive funds and that all decisions of the NPPA/NPPF COVID-19 Relief Fund Committee (“the committee” or “we”) are made at their sole discretion and are final.

By submitting this application including your personal information, you permit NPPA and/or NPPF to store, and transfer the information above, and to contact you directly.

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your permission, other than to call your references. We may aggregate and/or anonymize any information collected. We may use and share this aggregated and anonymized information (non-personal information) for research purposes or to report on the activities of the NPPA/ NPPF COVID 19 Relief Fund. Information submitted is subject to our Privacy Policy.

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