NPPA 75th Anniversary Challenge Coin and Pin

Over the last 75 years, the National Press Photographers Association has established its importance and necessity within our industry. We are the voice for thousands, protecting First Amendment rights and our freedom to inform the public through recording in public.

Our esteemed contests recognize visual journalists worldwide for the power of their work. Our workshops set the bar for excellence and inspire the next generation of storytellers to surpass it.

Today, we ask you to join us in celebrating how far we’ve come and pledge to help us go further in the years ahead. In appreciation of your pledge, you will receive a limited-run commemorative 75th Anniversary pin or challenge coin.

It’s our way of saying thank you for your tax-deductible donation. Your support over the years, and especially now, will allow us to expand the services we offer our members. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Our hardworking volunteers have designed these commemorative 75th anniversary gifts to thank you for your donation in the following tiers:


NPPA 75th Anniversary Pin: $50 – $74.99 
NPPA 75th Anniversary Challenge Coin: $75 – $149.99
NPPA 75th Anniversary Challenge Coin with Display Stand: $150 – $199.99

NPPA 75th Anniversary

There are three possible items listed as rewards for your contribution: pin, challenge coin, and challenge coin with display stand. For the item(s) of choice, enter an amount of your contribution within the range specified. Press the TAB key and a field will show for the number of that item you want with a default value of one.

Do not press the Enter key on your keyboard until all fields are complete. Pressing Enter is the same as pressing the "Sumit" button.

Please enter the amount of your contribution per pin from 50 to 74.99 (without dollar sign).

Please enter the amount of your contribution per challenge coin from 75 to 149.99 (without dollar sign). Note the option below for challenge coin with display stand.

Please enter the amount of your contribution per challenge coin with displaly stand from 150 to 199.99 (without dollar sign).

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NPPA 75th Anniversary Challenge Coin (front & back)
NPPA 75th Anniversary Pin

List of Contributors

James Brown

Tom Hardin