The URL for The du Cille Portfolio and Application landing page is:

You may want to bookmark this URL in your browser so that you may easily return to it to edit your application or portfolio. Your application is not complete until you have created both a portfolio of your images and completed the application.

  1. You must first establish a login and validate the email that you will receive. Be sure to check your junk mail folder for the email.

2. Once you have validated your email, click the “Start portfolio” button.

3. Name your portfolio and description appropriately and click the “Save portfolio” button.

4. Now that you have named your portfolio, you have options. You may start your portfolio by clicking the “Start building portfolio” button, or you may click the “My Portfolios” link in the top navigator that will take you to a screen where you may complete the application. This “My Portfolios” link always takes you to a screen where you may edit either your portfolio or application.

5. The “My Portfolios” top navigator link shows your portfolio and the “Apply Now” button for the application. Once the application has been completed, either the application or the portfolio may be edited up until the deadline.

6. When editing your portfolio, click the “New entry” button to add content. 

7. Select one of the three available categories for the entry. You may make other entries after this one. In this example Single was selected. Photo stories should have descriptions.

All still photographs should have captions.

Provide a link to YouTube or Vimeo for a Video entry.

8. To add images to Single or a Photo Story, Click the “Add images” button. 

9. Once the “Add image” button is clicked, you may drag and drop up to 20 images for Singles and 20 images for each Picture Story.

All images must be 2,500 pixels in the longest dimension. 

Once images are in and your browser is refreshed, you may drag and drop the images into the order you want. You may also edit captions.