Donald Winslow

picture of Donald Winslow

Donald R. Winslow’s journalism career spans four decades. Currently the managing editor for the Amarillo (TX) Globe-News in the Texas Panhandle, Winslow was the editor of News Photographer magazine for the National Press Photographers Association from 2003 until 2016.

During his career he has been a photojournalist, picture and graphics editor, director of photography, writer, and new media producer. Winslow worked for Reuters as a photojournalist and editor based in Washington, D.C. covering the White House and sports, and for Reuters NewMedia, in Reston, VA, and New York City.

His newspaper career includes The Palm Beach Post, The Pittsburgh Press, The Milwaukee Journal Co.’s morning paper, The Milwaukee Sentinel, The Republic in Columbus, IN, and The Wabash (IN) Plain Dealer. While at Reuters in addition to shooting and editing he worked on developing early applications for digital technology and remote transmitting for traditional news assignments, such as at the White House, inaugurations, sporting events and Olympic Games. At CNET Networks in San Francisco he was the director of photography for CNET Online, where he was involved in the development of seven new web sites and four weekly, live television shows.

Winslow has been teaching photography and photojournalism at two universities in Italy: at the John Felice Rome Center (the Italian campus of Loyola University of Chicago), and at John Cabot University in Trastevere. Previously he taught at Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland. He is a Life Member of the National Press Photographers Association.