Congratulations on receiving a NPPF Scholarship!

The National Press Photographers Foundation scholarship that you have won is intended to be used for your educational expenses toward a degree and a career in photojournalism. We can send the scholarship check directly to the financial aid office of your college or university, where it is applied to your tuition and other educational expenses or to you directly.

You must be actively working toward your degree and have not graduated to accept this scholarship.

Your check will be sent as soon as possible after completion of this form.

You may request that the check be sent directly to you. If the check is sent to you, it still must be applied to expenses directly related to your education or the IRS may regard it as income.

If you withdraw from your academic program, or have graduated, the scholarship is forfeited.

We must have at least one phone number.

Please provide a stable summer address that will be good after the date you selected above. If you will be very mobile or don't yet have a summer address, you might pick your parent's or a friend's address for example.

This is NOT social security number. We need this number for our records and if you choose to have the check sent to your university's financial aid officer to ensure payment is credited to your account.

Financial Aid Office Information

Typing your name in the Signature field below constitutes a legal signature and your acceptance of the conditions above.

Picture of you for news release

Maximum file size: 33.55MB

Please provide a photo of you that will be used for our news release and your bio page on our website.

Feedback on Application Process

1 Not Clear------10 very Clear
1 Not Easy ------- 10 Very Easy

Our website is an educational one. We put winning portfolios on our website so that students that follow you can learn from your pictures.

As you go forward with your work and career please use our hashtags, #NPPFphotojournalism and #NPPFvisualscholars when you post to social media. That will help us publicize our scholarships.