JesseRey Huerta Jr. wins 2018 Yoder Award

The National Press Photographers Foundation is pleased to announce JesseRey Huerta Jr. as the winner of the 2018 Yoder Award.

Huerta  is a photojournalist at KOAT Action 7 News in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The $1,000 award is given to working TV photojournalists wishing to attend the NPPA News Video Workshop in Norman, Oklahoma.

NPPA Sprague Award winner G. Gordon Yoder was a combat correspondent-photographer in Korea, and a network photojournalist covering news including the civil rights movement. He designed and manufactured the innovative 16mm Yoder Sound Camera that became the standard for TV stations and networks.

Huerta said he strives to produce the best work he can every day and that the workshop will help him learn new techniques and better ways to do his job as a multimedia journalist.

“I sometimes feel like my shooting is stale and want to be challenged and critiqued to work harder and come up with new ideas. Being an MMJ can be challenging — it’s something they don’t really prepare you for in college,” Huerta said.