Test Yoder

Name: Casey Fair

2000 W 41st Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

Email: clfair@sbgtv.com

Mobile: 410-599-4447 Office:

Job Description:

As an editor, I edit the evening newscasts, cutting together VOs and SOTs from local and national sources as well as teases for the night’s featured stories.
When I am not show editing, I go out in the field and cover general features, shooting in full high definition (HD) on media cards and editing together short packages/nat packages.

Number of Years Experience: 1

Organization: WBFF FOX45 Baltimore

NPPA Member: Yes

Personal Statement:

I have been working at WBFF for a little over a year now. I was onboarded as an editor, fresh out of college, bringing with me zero newsroom experience. But that is what I love about WBFF – there is no shortage of learning opportunities here! Since that first day, I have been able to nearly master editing with Avid Media Composer (having never used it before this position) and was able to shadow photographers and learn camera work in my spare time/days off. I was just recently promoted to a photographer/editor position, which allows me to get my hands on the camera more and shoot my own packages, not just cut them together. It has been so beneficial for me to watch my fellow colleagues work and their advice has helped me find my own rhythm for photography but I still have PLENTY to learn, which is why I am applying for this scholarship. To be able to attend the NPPA News Video Workshop would help me continue to learn how to become a better visual storyteller and learn from such a diverse group of photographers. My station is only able to sponsor a few workers to attend, so receiving this scholarship would help ensure that I am able to be there. I would be very honored to learn what I can from the workshop and bring back what I learned to help the community here, that has helped me grow so much, grow as well.

Video Story One:

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