Test Yoder

Name: Katherine Cheng

156 Roy Harper Avenue
Aurora, New York 14092

Email: katherinekycheng@gmail.com

Mobile: 6478936778 Office:

Job Description:

Film, edit and produce 3-5 minute national breaking news for Global News on a daily basis in Canada. Shoot and provide support for the documentary-style The New Reality current affairs series about technology and climate, such as recycled electric vehicle battery plants and the future of food.

Number of Years Experience: 1

Organization: Global News

NPPA Member: Yes

Personal Statement:

With a goal of elevating my ability to tell stories about the climate crisis and possible solutions through visual means, I’m looking to strengthen my stories’ impact on viewers. With a background in and passion for “backpack videojournalism,” I’m interested in being able to operate as a solo team when needed, from pitching to producing to shooting and editing. I oftentimes find myself as the only BIPOC female photo or videojournalist in the field, and I am looking to overcome the micro (and macro) aggressions that I frequently face, from colleagues to subjects alike. Having initially started as a photographer covering the 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests, I’ve since covered stories ranging from the challenges that LGBTQ+ and Black breast cancer patients face in the healthcare system, the empowerment of “raging” Asian drummers, and the gradual recovery of mangroves in the Pearl River Delta. As I currently live in Canada, I’d love to attend the workshop, but travel and accommodation costs are a barrier. I’d be grateful for the opportunity to attend the workshop with the support of the Gordon Yoder news video workshop award.

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