Test Yoder

Name: Christian von Preysing-Barry

1602 S AIRPORT RD #10
APT 10
WESLACO, Texas 78596


Mobile: 16107300023 Office:

Job Description:

My formal title is “Reporter” at KRGV-TV in Weslaco, TX, however I have a lot of passion for multimedia journalism. I work closely with photographers on shots, often assisting in content gathering by using different equipment, to include drones, gimbals and still pictures. More often than not, I I’m involved in editing my stories. I’m regularly assigned to new photographers to help back them up as they get familiar with their job. I am also a freelance wildlife cinematographer. I’ve worked on several productions, focusing especially on camera trap technology.

Number of Years Experience: 8

Organization: KRGV

NPPA Member: Yes

Personal Statement:

I want to make sure I’m aware of all creative options. I worry that my written storytelling style and range of visual storytelling may be getting stale through repetition. It’s important to learn new techniques. As a member of the Texas Army National Guard, I’ve had to forgo my regular pay to meet my legal obligations, and additional expenses. This grant would offset the expense to participate and help me commit to the opportunity.

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