Jamie Araki

Jamie Araki, an undergraduate from College of the Canyons, won the Rich Clarkson Founders scholarship.

In high school I was head of the sports section of the yearbook for 1. 5 years, then transferred into the live news broadcasting and journalism class after completing my audition. In college, I won Best Editing in the Media Entertainment Arts Showcase my second semester at school. I have had the opportunity to photograph LA Pride Parade, Animanga Expo and LA Comic Con in 2019 as official press. I was also chosen to photograph a NBC “The Voice” Top 25 contestant’s album cover photograph. I have also been able to shoot multiple breaking news type photos as well.

Career Goals
My career goals include wanting to document large events and be a photojournalist that is employed by a large news company, or a company like Getty Images. Seeing photos from large fires, events like what is happening in Hong Kong, and other protests make me want to capture emotional images similar to what I see documented. I know I can capture good images, and in a sense I am waiting for some company or foundation to acknowledge I have potential and give me a chance. I have experience in both video and still photography, and lean more towards photojournalism than video journalism. Most colleges do not offer photojournalism majors, so working to get a decent portfolio shooting whatever I can right now is a large priority. I am not scared to go into dangerous environments, and know how to take proper safety precautions to ensure my safety so law enforcement and other emergency personnel do not need to rescue me with the other people needing rescue. It would be cool to win a Pulitzer Prize or similar award as well, but just doing what I enjoy in photography is my main goal.


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I enjoy breaking news, but also large scale event and entertainment photography. Enjoy!