2014 Emily Rhyne


Emily Rhyne, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, is the winner of the Jimi Lott Scholarship.

“Following acceptance into UNC-Chapel Hill, I was selected to be a member of the Honors College based on my academic performance during my first semester. Within the journalism school, I was a producer for the Carolina Photojournalism Workshop project “Heart of the High Country,” which received an Honorable Mention in the 2013 College Photographer of the Year competition and is a student finalist in South by Southwest Interactive Film Festival. Additionally, I was selected as the 2013 Runner-up Student Photographer of the Year for the North Carolina Press Photographers Association, placing 2nd in Feature Picture Story and 3rd for Short-term Multimedia. I am currently an intern at The Herald-Sun in Durham, NC.”

Career Goals 

“People, photography, writing, intentionality, spontaneity. Until last year, this is all I knew about what I wanted my future career to encapsulate. In recent times, I have found that life within photojournalism. Thus far, I’ve interned with a nonprofit, local business, and am currently with a local paper, The Herald-Sun. Through these experiences I’ve found that my niche is 100% with daily newspapers. In the next several years, I hope to gain more experience at newspapers across the country, learning more about the industry I love and how I can do the most good within it. My ultimate career goal is to be a photojournalist at The Los Angeles Times; I believe in and admire the work their staff produces, particularly their longterm documentary projects. Working at a metropolitan paper has a number of advantages, such as having a large platform to share work and the flexibility to pursue the stories and projects that matter the most to me. Over the years, I have discovered that I love telling the stories of youth and how the pressing issues of our time affect the most vulnerable. Yet, while I have these goals, I am adaptable to change. Stories can change in the blink of an eye, and I’m willing to go anywhere in the world to tell a story that I believe needs to be told.”

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“Living 101”

“Raising Cameron”


Single pictures not part of a story.


TheMountainCraftsmanThe Mountain Craftsman

I produced this piece during the 2013 Carolina Photojournalism Workshop. It was a part of the larger project, “Heart of the High Country,” which highlighted some stories from North Carolina’s mountain town of Banner Elk.