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This form will allow college students who intend to enter the NPPF Scholarship competition to create an account on the website. Once the account is created, you will log into the website and complete the application process.

If you have not read the Scholarship Application Instructions page, please do so now.

This same form allows faculty who will be writing recommendations to create an account.

When you log in following the creation of your account, you may be taken to the backend (doesn’t look like the website). Look for the National Press Photographers Foundation in the upper left corner in a black bar at the top of your browser.


Just click on the name and you will be at the website.



The math problem at the bottom of the form is to prevent spam, not to test your math skill–although it does.


Please enter at least one phone number.

Enter your desired password for this website and write it down for future reference. If you forget or lose your password, you will be able to reset it.